With work, family and commitments, many people now don’t have the time to think about going out for a Pilates classes and fitting in with someone else’s schedule.

Considering that most Pilates centres charge at least £8 for a one hour class, our £40 per hour flat rate means that with only 5 in your group it would cost £8 each or with 8 people in your group £5 each with no travel or parking hassles, and the cost would be the same.

There is no minimum time commitment, and you can always cancel an appointment without charge as long as you give your teacher twenty-four hours notice.

Working one-on-one or in a small group enables the teacher to give each person more individual attention, it also means the class is personalised to your specific needs Choosing private instruction also means you can have your lessons whenever and wherever you want.

One to one sessions

£35 for one hour session

£150 for 5 one hour sessions

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