The APPI Pilates method provides a unique way of restoring strength, flexibility and function taught by fully trained Physiotherapists who are advanced Pilates Instructors. APPI Pilates method uses the latest rehabilitation and training principles to provide individualised care.

On your initial assessment our Physiotherapist will discuss your health history and overall aims and goals for undertaking Pilates.  A full assessment will be carried out and specific areas are noted to target through your program. This will be related directly to the requirements of your sport, and the level at which you are participating. Your Physiotherapist will introduce you to Pilates principles and key elements.  Once you have gained the fundamental principles you will be taught basic Pilates mat exercises to enable you to practice the exercises at home in between supervised Pilates sessions.

What to bring:

At Style Pilates we provide all the equipment you’ll need including Pilates mat, small and large head pillow and added small equipment such as ova balls, weights and wobble cushions. For added comfort and hygiene some people like to bring their own mat to place on top of those provided and a small towel to go over the pillow. It is advisable to bring some water especially in the summer.

It is recommended you wear comfortable clothes that have some stretch/give in them such a leggings. It is helpful if your clothes aren’t too baggy so that Sophie can see how you are using your muscles. You do not need to worry about footwear as Pilates is done in without shoes on.

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